Giant Cookie Cakes

Our Giant Cookie Cake Monthly Club is for 12 months.  The list below is of the flavor of Giant Cookie Cake for each month.  The cakes will be decorated to match the main holiday of that month. Click below to subscribe.  You have the option to either pay monthly or for the year.

$25.00 (Single Layer) Monthly

$50 (Double Layer with Buttercream filling) Monthly

JANUARY - Funfetti

FEBRUARY - Cookies & Cream


APRIL - Double Fudge Chocolate Chip

MAY - Peanut Butter

JUNE - Snickerdoodle

JULY - White Chocolate Chip

AUGUST - Macadamia Nut

SEPTEMBER - Shortbread

OCTOBER - Oatmeal & Raisin/Craisin

NOVEMBER - Pumpkin Chocolate Chip

DECEMBER - Red Velvet

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