Our Cupcakes Monthly Club is for 12 months.  The list below is of the flavor of Cupcakes (1 dozen) for each month.  Click below to subscribe.  You have the option to either pay monthly or for the year.

$30.00 Monthly

JANUARY - Strawberry Champagne

FEBRUARY - Chocolate Cheesecake Truffle

MARCH - Almond-Rum Sponge with Guava filling

APRIL - Carrot Cake with Praline filling

MAY - Sangria with Orange Marmalade filling

JUNE - Pink Lemonade

JULY - Cannoli

AUGUST -Maple Bacon

SEPTEMBER - Hummingbird with Pineapple filling

OCTOBER - Black Velvet with Orange Marshmallow filling

NOVEMBER - Caramel Apple Butter

DECEMBER - White Chocolate with Peppermint Cream

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